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The way forward for Tigrai

By Bereket Kiros
10 July 2022

“Maximum openness of the actions in power, public wisdom, instinct, and a sense of self-preservation can in due time warn leaders against carless steps that would be paid for a letter by the whole country” (Essay on Leadership).

True leaders understand that undemocratic means must not be used to achieve democratic ends. Yitzhak Shamir, former PM affirmed, “peace without security would be a disaster for Israel”. That holds also true to Tigrai’s situation. Right from the start TPLF did not see the importance of security, which was a grave mistake. Peaceful negotiations with genocidaires should not be only TPLF’s agenda, it should be a broad based, inclusive and a democratic process. Political party is generally supposed to provide leadership by giving new ideas and projections that are timely, based on public opinion and act as a change agent for implementations of new ideas. Today our polity faces a bankruptcy of the mind as it has become a theater of the absurdity and aloofness. Read More ...

Abiy's War in Tigray and Crimes of International Law

By Mulugeta Abai, Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture, 06 January 2021

Almost all wars are intertwined with cover-ups and keeping people in darkness by the ruling cliques and war-mongering forces. The extent of war crimes and crimes against humanity, therefore, may come to the fore years after the initial outbreak of the war. This is particularly true about the present war in Tigray, Ethiopia, specifically when we consider the fact that Ethiopia’s government has openly rejected frequent calls for independent investigations into the deadly and devastative conflict in Tigray, by mentioning that it “doesn’t need a babysitter”. This essay is a modest attempt to investigate the heinous crimes of international nature in Tigray by relying on the available sources, testimonies by witnesses and official statements. Read More ...

Abiy Ahmed’s authoritarian leadership, empty promises of reforms, misinformation, misleading claims and white lies are fracturing Ethiopia.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is not only has failed to live up to his early promises and Medemer philosophy, he has unleashed a wave of repression, margination of ethnic groups by locking up his political opponents and those he once freed. He is advancing a dangerous form of nationalism that is against the Ethiopian Constitution and the wishes of the many peace-loving Ethiopians. His lies, deceptions, betrayal and antagonistic political order are hurting people’s livelihoods and costing many lives throughout his premiership. Read more ...

Injudicious Politics, Ethnic conflicts and the Breakdown of Law and Order in Ethiopia

Ethiopian Treasures
17 October 2020

Since Abiy Ahmed took the premiership in 2018, he is persistently preaching populist, antagonistic and injudicious politics against ethnic groups who advocate for self-determination and federal system. Prime Minister Abiy has rejected self-rule and federalism and he has been pressing ahead with his Medemer policy against the wishes of many ethnic groups. The Medemer policy is not designed to unite ethnic groups equally but to revive unitary and dictatorial government of repression and racial segregation. Abiy Ahmed and Amhara elites have ulterior political and personal motives to undermine and deny ethnic groups’ self-determination which is guaranteed by the Ethiopia constitution. Their hostility stance to self-determination and federal system has animated Oromo nationalism and Amhara extremism against non-Oromo and non-Amhara ethnic groups. Read more ...

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