Ethiopian Treasures

Empress Zewditu (1916 - 1930)

After Iyasu was overthrown Ras Tefari, the Son of Ras Mekonnen (governor of Harar) and Zawditu, daughter of Menelik raced to take the throne. As Ras Tefari was too young, the nobility of Shewa and the clergy of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church instead chose Zawditu to take the throne. Ras Tefari remained as the right hand man of Empress Zewditu.

After 13 years on the throne, Empress Zawditu died in suspicious circumstances. Many Ethiopian claims that empress Zawditu's death was caused due to her husband's death and she was broken hearted. Some claim Ras Tefari was involved in her death, as he was eager to become the next Emperor.


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